Inspired By Excellence & Innovation


P. S. 94K, The Henry Longfellow School is a diverse community where respect and commitment to excellence is valued. We believe in the value of developing citizens who are proud of their cultural heritage, embrace multilingualism, multi-literacies and multiculturalism. We have a growth mindset and hold ourselves to high standards in order to achieve academic success, excellence and mastery of skills to be all that we can be. We embrace diversity, equity and inclusion and are advocates of change. We envision our school as a welcoming and affirming environment where positive communication and relationship building, with students, staff and parents, are the fabric of the school community. P. S. 94K is committed to support all students to achieve the highest standards of expectations through the delivery of a rigorous, inclusive and culturally responsive Next Generation Learning Standards based curriculum. We envision our community as responsible decision makers, committed to making a positive difference, and pressing for a more inclusive and equitable world where everyone feels valued and respected. We envision a space of empowerment where students are challenged with real-world scenarios, and problems, to develop and enhance their learning through critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork, and self-management. We believe in ongoing professional development that supports and guides our teaching practice to advance student learning and prepares all students for college and career readiness.


P.S. 94K, The Henry Longfellow School is committed to developing inquisitive, critical thinkers who embark on a lifelong journey of learning.

To meet our vision and mission, we are committed to…

  • Provide ALL students a safe, clean, and secure environment.
  • Provide ALL students rigorous and coherent literacy and content area instruction, while upholding high explicit expectations, aligned to the Next Generation Learning Standards.
  • Provide ALL students engaging and equitable access to the curriculum that identifies students learning styles and incorporates instructional strategies responsive to those learning styles.
  • Provide ALL students the opportunity to become multilingual, multi-literate and multicultural through our Dual Language Spanish-English and Chinese-English programs.
  • Provide ALL students cooperative learning opportunities such as project-based learning that leverages student experiences, strengths and expertise, to develop critical problem solvers and foster students’ cultural understanding and connection to the surrounding community.
  • Utilize academic student data and assessment measures that reflect learning growth of mindset, modalities, and demonstration of academic and social-emotional proficiency.
  • Continuously engage in professional learning communities driven by discipline data and research that leads to collaborative planning, alignment and sustaining best practices.