SLT Meeting Minutes

December 8, 2021 @4PM


Overview of last meeting

  • Review of CEP (Interactive document with all of P.S. 94’s work) Everyone has access, but only principal can make changes.
  • SLT ByLaws/SLT Elections & new member roles


Committee Reports/Principal Updates

  • School Construction Authority (SCA) – will finish on time…March
  • PTA asked…they want to do a fair in the schoolyard for kindergarten, rather than an outside trip.
  • Scaffold will be removed in March
  • Con Edison inspection…passed
  • Switch over of the AC brackets will happen during Christmas break


Vaccine update

  • Covid 19 vaccinations 12/09/2021, 7:30 until vaccines run out
  • C. Gonzalez requested 100 vaccines (82 done last time)
  • 1st and 2nd doses will be done for those who want it



  • Big initiatives…@94 this year…Provide small group instruction
  • Differentiated instruction according to their needs
  • EQUITY is done, so each child’s UNIQUE needs are met
  • We have lowered student to teacher ratio
  • We provide before, after, and Saturday programs to students with other abilities, and all other students
  • The academic concern is actually working
  • Small group instruction is no more than 6 students with the same needs and abilities
  • We now have STEM and Social Studies teachers (clusters), this lets classroom teachers focus on small group instruction.

Example: If it’s a reading period, (lower grade – shared reading), teacher reads to whole class, when done, students go to centers, some go to iReady, some do work on PBL projects, now teacher can move around to assist those in need of support (in small groups)

  • Early intervention – 5 days a week
  • After-school – Wednesday-Friday
  • Monday – Teacher PD, Tuesday – OPW, Parent Engagement






  • Open forum
  • Schedule of meetings on school calendar and School app
  • Chancellors Regs. state SLT is supposed to be run by parents, but teachers do it because when roles are discussed, no one volunteers (parents weren’t aware of this, so Mr. Pelaez sent out the Chancellor’s regs. to each member to review it)


“We are an open committee, and any member can add to the agenda. We believe in collaboration!”  Ms. Cristina Gonzalez


Agenda for Next Meeting

If anyone has something they would like discussed at the next meeting, please feel free to email… or




**Next Meeting – January 12, 2022 @4PM Virtually**



SLT Meeting

November 17, 2021


Overview of last meeting

• SLT Elections

• SLT ByLaws explained to current members


Interactive document that holds all of our work.

• Revisited as needed

• Every one of the members has access to the CEP on the portal.

• iplanportal (

• Viewing only, only Ms. C. Gonzalez can make changes

• All of you need to make a plan to come to the school and sign

• We will focus on certain sections

• Anyone who wants to discuss CEP in private, can text C. Gonzalez, and meet to discuss it with her

• PS 94 at a glance…

1009 students

125 SWD

533 MLL

884 GE

• Instructional Focus – small group (due to loss of learning from COVID)

3 Goals

Math – iReady diagnostic data (3 times a year)

ELA – iReady diagnostic data (3 times a year)

Supportive Environment

*All students will increase 5%

*Mathematics scores are higher, generally because they are allowed to take it in

their home language

• SEF – Supportive Environment Framework

Social Emotional Goal

90% improvement

• Supports and Intervention Plan

Small group work

Smaller classes

Student-Teacher ratio improved

ELA/Math common grade meetings w/AP’s, coaches, and principal

Culturally responsive literacy

Culturally responsive curricula

Tailor support for special populations

Technology as a tool for learning

PD to support staff on understanding the science of reading

• Before school Reading and Mathematics Intervention 7-8AM

• After-school 2:20-400PM, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday

• Special Education Recovery – Afterschool and Saturday

SLT ByLaws

• Attendance Policy – if an SLT member misses two consecutive meetings, without rending in writing, a good and valid excuse, will be removed from the SLT committee

• Roles/New Memders

Facilitator – Cristina Gonzalez

Chairperson – Dahiana Badillo

Secretary – Debra Gonzalez

Financial Liaison – Rebeca De Tapia

Time Keeper – Kay Shao

Agenda for next meeting

If someone thinks of something, please feel free to send an email to… or