SLT Meeting Minutes

May 16, 2022 @ 4:30 PM

Overview of last meeting

• CBO Partnership updates

• CEP ELA Discussion

Committee Reports/Principal Updates

• CPC surveys – 40-minute interview

• Verbal or writing

• Translated in all languages we serve

• Parents chose ½ verbal, ½ phone interview

• All interviews will be completed by June

• Survey – every parent gets to talk. Every parent’s voice will be heard!

• Retreat changed from 5/14 to 6/11 (overnight in Catskills)

• Changed date so current Parent executive board and new members after elections can attend

• Office of NYU Langone – full Dentist services in P.S. 94, room has been measured and will begin setting up in August

• Food Pantry @ P.S 94

o $5000 grant

o Partnership with Stop & Shop

o Ms. Mcinerney in charge

o Will be done by appointment

o For parents of P.S. 94 only (maybe, open to community at a later date)

o School aide will be assigned, so no outsiders will be in building

o Massive distribution in schoolyard once a month

CEP Mathematics Discussion

• We (P.S. 94) excel in Mathematics because it can be taught in the student’s home language

• Push is small group instruction

• This instructional focus will continue next year

• 45-minute focus teaching

• Station teaching – students can go from station to station

• Math tasks are aligned to skills

• Identify what needs to be taught, teach, quiz at end of week, teacher and coach check results, see what needs to taught and plan accordingly

• Push for data understanding in real time

• Social Studies is also being integrated with Mathematics

**Next Meeting – June 6, 2022 @4:30 Virtually**

SLT Meeting Minutes

February 14, 2022 @ 4:30 PM

Overview of last meeting

• SCA updates

• Vaccine updates

• Big academic initiatives at P.S. 94

Committee Reports/Principal Updates

• $522,000 grant

• Working on partnership with CBO

• Planning meetings with all unions, parents and Dept. of Schools

• Guidance/negotiations on how to spend the money

Con Edison

• Switch-over didn’t happen during Christmas break, it will happen during mid-winter break. All electricity will be shut-off in the building 2/21-2/23/2022